If you have some psychological problem, or you just decide to work on yourself, the House of mental health Epistema can help you in this. To be able to do so, our team of experts need to do one hour evaluation of your actual problems or restraints which stand between you and realization of your needs. For this purpose, you may need to fulfill some questionnaires. Sometimes, it will be necessary to complete comprehensive psychological testing. When we gather enough information, we will make you realize what is your problem, explain what is happening to you, and suggest an individual treatment plan. If on the other side, you do not have any defined psychiatric disorder and want to work on yourself, we will also explain the model of psychotherapy which will be optimal for you.

If the optimal solution to your problem includes medication, our team will recommend to you adequate drugs and give you detailed information about them. That means the reason why these specific drugs, how they work, unwanted reactions on every specific drug, and of course how to use them. If after examination, our conclusion goes to offering a combination of medication and psychotherapy as the best for you, you will be explained everything you need to know about that specific treatment. Finally, your doctor will make a written survey, where he will present his professional opinion of your problem, agreed treatment plan, and eventual medication.

To be available to you, after examination, Epistema will offer you a contact telephone number for any question or dilemma you may have.