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Why Epistema? First reason for choosing this name was representation of our primary values. Namely, Epistema originate from ancient greek word episteme, which means knowledge. Knowledge really is power, as the saying say, and this power include also knowledge which we get together with client about himself. When we cross that bridge, and get “justified truthful believing” (definition of knowledge), lot of good things is possible for our client. Second reason for this choice is promotion of new approach in psychotherapy, founded on truth and knowledge, whose name is Epistemological psychotherapy. Finally, concerning that beside medical, we also use knowledge from other fields – philosophy, psychology, sociology, theology – to get more comprehensive view od client problem, that was additional motive to emphasis importance of knowledge in our work.

About Us

House of mental health Epistema provide services in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Our leading idea is understanding psychiatry and psychotherapy in a more wider framework than medical. We are not considering our clients as narrow, as medical model do: complex of symptoms which lead to precise diagnostic category, and implicit treatment with standardized methods.

Instead of this approach we look at a man as an individual human being, with certain characteristics that we all share, but also recognizing differences which made us unique entity in this world. Respecting that individuality of each client, psychiatry can not be only medical specialty, but become more complex – area which include psychology, philosophy, sociology, theology.

Considering all this fields make it possible better understanding of human nature in general, as well as more satisfying understanding of our client in his construct of himself and the world. According to that view we create individual plan of treatment to solve concrete problem which bother our client, but not just that. Namely, each psychological problem is also a chance for the person to grow, to get knowledge about himself, to become more mature. That is why we are not satisfied only with resolving client problem, yet we are trying to go further, to find more healthier way for living his life, to actualize his potentials.

Considering all what we have said, we believe that we have no essentially tabu themes to discuss, as long as they are in a best interests of our clients. Practically, that means that we are open for every possibility to get understanding and helping our clients.


House Treatment

In a good will to completely adapt treatment to life style of our clients, Epistema enable you to choose treatment in your home. This complex service include different kind of treatment: regular visits of our expert team (every day, or less frequent), keeping and nursing clients that has no need for intensive treatment, even psychotherapy. … Continue reading “House Treatment”

House Call (Visit)

Since client comfort is, among other things, very important to us, we are offering you possibility of mental status examination in your home. This home visit is essentially not different from examination in our office, except that you get written survey afterwards. That means by post, or you can personally come to us and get … Continue reading “House Call (Visit)”

Mental Status Examination

If you have some psychological problem, or you just decide to work on yourself, House of mental health Epistema can help you in this. To be able to do so, our team of experts need to do one hour evaluation of your actual problems, or restraints which stand between you and realization of your needs. In … Continue reading “Mental Status Examination”


Since different kind of life problems and goals that our clients want to achieve, Epistema have different modes of individual and group psychotherapy treatment to offer: Epistemological therapy (ET), Rational emotional and cognitive behavioral therapy (REKBT), Transactional analysis (TA), Family and couple therapy, as well as two consultation departments – adolescents, and family and marriage. EPISTEMOLOGICAL THERAPY … Continue reading “Psychotherpay”


Epistema team has experts in the field of psychiatry, clinical psychology and psychotherapy. Experienced experts will help you, everyone from their angle, to solve your problems as fast and effective as possible.

Prof. dr sci. med. Milan Milić

Psychiatry specialist, psychotherapist

Dr Milan Davidović

Psychiatry specialist, psychotherapist

Dr Igor Radosavljević

Psychiatry specialist, psychotherapist

Dr Sanja Mihajlović

Psychiatry specialist

Dr Goran Đinđić

Psychiatry specialist

Dr Irena Popović

Psychiatry specialist, psychotherapist

Marica Marković

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

Aleksandra Jović

PR Associate


Epistema is located in Belgrade, Sundečićeva 38. Telephone numbers for information, setting psychiatric examination or consultations are: 011/4230922, and 069/39-222-59. Also, you can contact us by mail: office@epistema.rs.


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